get paid by sending email to your customer

Pay by link

useful for hotels, accountants, contractors, artists, telesales ...

Pay by Link is really an secure and fast way to request a customer to pay an agreed amount to you. There are many situation where it is handy; in a field not having mobile terminal or just get paid for custom order which is not listed on your web site e-shop.

Payius Admin Manager lets you customize logo and brand on your PAY BY LINK email and payment page.

Some more features

  • no need web site
  • another payment method
  • low monthly fee
  • ‘build in’ your invoices
  • improve cash-flow by getting money quick


From your account in Payius Administration you can send email with agreed amount to your customer.

Your customers will only click the “Pay Now” button or the link and will be directed to the Payius payment page where they can make the payment.


Imagine, you’re an artist. So, you can use Pay by Link in your invoices to let customers all around the world pay by card.

… or you are contractor and get extra job not having anything just your mobile phone with you. You log into your Payius admin account and create a request and send the email to your happy customer. Done!

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